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Los Angeles charities - good causes
There are so many non-profits I admire. Why not share their work on my own website?
What happens when we think of violence as a contagious disease? Cure Violence uses data surveys from infectious outbreaks to treat violence the same way we treat illnesses.
I will be riding my bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Yes, that's a very long bike ride. For those of you without a map handy, SF to LA is 545 miles, give or take.
BlinkNow is a grass-roots organization working to empower young people to become pioneers in developing their own solutions to world poverty. The organization targets under-developed, war-torn countries where extreme poverty exists.
This is an awesome company that specializes in offering the world's largest collection of books and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.
A great organization that's dedicated "to end shelter killing and Save Them All."