He's Still Voting for Trump

In Good Stuff, Soapbox by Nate Clark

Do you have a relative who is planning to vote for Donald Trump? Maybe an uncle or – gulp – your dad? In this sketch, your “uncle” Ron defends his choice for President of the United States. He’s not very good at it, and the news anchor interviewing him quickly realizes that he’s… kinda crazy.

Filmed as part of the YouTube Space Los Angeles Political Comedy Workshop.

Ron: Nate Clark
Jessica: Katierose Donohue

Written by:
Nate Clark (http://nateclark.net)

Produced & Directed by:
Nate Clark & Michael Ross (http://twitter.com/otterpuppet)

Director of Photography:
Art Chong (http://twitter.com/ArtChong)

Camera Operator:
Buck Estes (https://www.youtube.com/user/BuckEstes)

Production Assistance:
Eli Leonard
Travis Ruhland

Hair & Makeup:
Kayla Martin

Filmed at YouTube Space LA.