The Secret

An Obsessive Mindset

In Random by Nate Clark

The only way you will ever achieve your goals is to obsess about them.

You have to be obsessive if you want to achieve your goals. We’ve all heard of The Secret. In case you haven’t, or you forgot, here’s a quick refresher: The Secret is a philosophy (or lifestyle or goal-setting modality… self-help technique?) that posits the following: You are what you think about.

There is obviously more to it than that. The people behind The Secret have written several books, host successful seminars that are widely attended, and they even made a movie about it. But, in my estimation, all of that boils down to the idea that I attract what I think about. I am what I envision myself to be. The things I pay attention to are the things the universe brings to me. It’s called “the Law of Attraction.”

The first time I heard this philosophy I thought it was bullshit. “You mean, whatever I want I can have, just by thinking about it?” It seems like there are easy ways to test the limits of this philosophy. For instance, I am thinking about levitating out of my chair right now… so hard that my brain hurts… but it ain’t happening. Using that litmus test, I discarded The Secret as more new age blah-blah that people use to avoid doing the work. I forgot about The Secret for years. And then something happened recently…

I realized I was doing The Secret, and it was working for me.

Backing up. A few months ago I decided to take my fitness pursuits to the next level. After years of half-assedly tracking my food and sleeping through my workouts, I decided to really keep track of these things and focus on achieving the gains and losses I wanted to see. I started thinking about what I was eating and how I was progressing in the gym EVERY DAY. I began to plan my food in the morning and pay mind to every single thing I eat with full attention. Does this serve my goals? Am I really hungry for this? I began to obsess about my goals. And then I started to see them come to life like never before.

You ARE what you THINK ABOUT.

I’ve been working out for my entire adult life. I’ve been fit at times, I’ve been lean at others, and I’ve also been “obese” according to W.H.O. guidelines. I’ve had spells of running 50 miles a week, I’ve had spells of practicing yoga 7-or-more days a week. I’ve exercised a lot. But I have never been as fit as I am right now. The secret is The Secret, even though I didn’t know it at the time. Being in shape is the first thing I think about every morning and the last thing I think about before I fall asleep. I am obsessed with being in fit, and that’s why I am fit.

But you “don’t have time to be obsessive,” right?

You probably think you are too busy to make fitness your primary focus. I get it. My life is complicated, too. And I also know I’m lucky in many regards because I set my own schedule, I don’t have kids to worry about (yet), and I live in a place with ample resources. That’s all true. But I had all of that beforehand and I was still fat. Plus, honestly, my life is more complicated now that it’s ever been, with it’s own unique complications and scheduling challenges.

Still, I am making it work. I am obsessing about it. Why? Because, for me (and most everyone else, I bet) health really is the key to everything. When I am healthy I have more energy, better focus, and I am happier. That last one is very important: being fit makes me happy, and when I’m happy my problems disappear. It’s all about perspective. So how am I able to achieve this constant state of focus even when life isn’t cooperating with my ideal schedule?

Because I am thinking about making it work, all the time.

This is the key to achieving your goals, fitness or otherwise. It’s not enough to want something, and there is no use in making excuses or trying to make things work. You have to focus on it. Everyday. All day. In a structured way. Write about it in the morning. Review your macros by checking your food journal a few times a day… or every time you eat something, like I do. Look at pictures of how you want your body to look.


I’ve come to believe that this is the key to getting fit. Or ripped. Or jacked. Or whatever healthy means to you.

Or landing a dream job.

Or making a million dollars.

Or anything else I want.

If you really want something you will be obsessive about it. And if you are obsessive about, it will happen.

More on obsessive goal-setting later on… in the meantime, enjoy this cheesy video from the people who made The Secret into a movie. It’s cheeseball but IT WORKS.