Nate Clark

Can the Supreme Court Overturn Marriage Equality?

Can the Supreme Court overturn marriage equality?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (joined by Alito) wrote a statement this week signaling his willingness (fervor?) to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges, the case that made marriage equality legal.

Do You Trust Cops?

We walked past a bunch of sheriffs who weren’t wearing masks, and it got me thinking about why some people don’t trust law enforcement… and some other people do.

Replacing Racist Dr. Seuss

Replacing racist Dr. Seuss

My husband and I realized that a Dr. Seuss book we bought for our son is terribly racist. Here are a few more inclusive books we’ve chosen instead.

Is Donald Trump Pro-Gay?

Is Donald Trump pro-Gay?

Is Donald Trump a “pro-gay” President? Some people seem confused about this, but his track record is crystal clear.

Tesla vs. Homeless Folks

Tesla vs. Homeless Folks

Sometimes I see things in Los Angeles that really make me question the state of humanity. This was one of those moments.

Facebook Study


Facebook recently conducted a study to see how different types of posts (positive or negative, based on emotional keywords) effected their users. They attempted to see how users would respond to having more happy or sad news in their timeline, and they conducted this study on approximately¬†600,000 people without notifying them. The results have just […]