YouTube Apartment Tours (Tyler Oakley & Hairodynamic)

In Soapbox by Nate Clark

This week I discover the phenomenon known as the “YouTube Apartment Tour” video.

I just don’t get it. Why do people watch these videos? Approximately 90% of the apartment tours I watched showed apartments with zero interesting features. It’s purely, 100% voyuerism. People watch these videos to feel like they are friends with YouTube celebs that they have never met.

The sad part is that these YouTuber’s are fabricating a false sense of familiarity as a means to keep viewers hooked on their videos… so that they make more money from ad sales.

I’m not dumb. I understand why YT’ers make apartment tour videos. But I do not understand why people watch them.

Here’s my very own apartment tour video!

@hairodynamic’s original apartment tour video:

Tyler Oakley’s apartment tour:

And two other apartment tour videos that must be seen to be believed…