Nate Clark

The Dumbbells Podcast

Nate Clark on the Dumbbells Podcast
A super fun chat with The Dumbbells about fitness, nutrition, and surviving the quarandemic.

Eugene Cordero and I performed together in Quick & Funny Musicals at the UCB, and he and Ryan Stanger have a super awesome fitness podcast called The Dumbbells. It’s so good. Not my episode specifically, the podcast in general is SO GOOD. They discuss diet and exercise in an honest, relatable way, and they are hilarious. Professionally hilarious. They are both genius improvisers, so the podcast feels like you’re listening to two comedians chatting about gym life… because that’s exactly what it is.

I was thrilled to catch up with them and chat about fitness, nutrition, and my book. We discuss the state of mind required when you embark on any new fitness regimen. (Especially relevant because we recorded this episode during month 6 of the quarandemic.)

Listen to the episode here:

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