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Nate Clark is a scholar, satirist, performer, and independent creative director. He has written and performed in hundreds of comedic sketches and videos and uses his background to study the intersection of media and politics. In addition to his original work, he has created content for brands including Louis Vuitton, the New York Times, FENDI, and many more. He holds a BFA from Florida State University and a Master of Liberal Arts degree in government from Harvard University. Nate lives in Los Angeles, CA, with his husband and their two young sons.

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More about Nate Clark...

Nate began his career performing onstage in New York as well as for regional theaters across the country. Early credits include Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing and Demetrius in Titus Andronicus at the Virginia Shakespeare Festival1, Desire Caught By The Tail at the Union Square Theater, and The Last Sunday In June, at the Caldwell Theater.2 His acting has been noted for a “subtle and affecting performance”3 and a “fresh delivery”4 of classical text.
After moving to Los Angeles, Nate began performing sketch and improvisational comedy. He was a member of the Sunday Company at the Groundlings Theater, where his original sketches included CampsiteThe Sound of SilenceColonial Penn, and dozens more. While performing at the Groundlings he began filming sketches for YouTube, including The Booth—featuring Tony Hale, Mindy Sterling and Jordan Black in cameos—and Pussy and Waffles, which he co-wrote with Chris Eckert. He also appeared as an actor in numerous sketches written by others, including the wildly popular Resting Bitch Facewritten by Patric Cagle.
In 2012, Nate joined the original cast of Quick & Funny Musicals at UCB where he has written and performed in over 50 original, scripted musical comedies. Nate went on to produce the show, and the company has since sold out performances at the SF Sketch Fest, the New York Musical Festival, and appeared on Seeso. Los Angeles Magazine said “genius is often on display during the pop culture-inspired Quick & Funny Musicals.”5 He has performed solo at Riot LA, the Improv comedy club, and in his one man show, Nate Clark Does Kilimanjaro. His video response to YouTuber Joey Graceffa went viral with 4M views. He’s appeared in Hollywood Darlings (Pop), Suburgatory (ABC), Dinner with Friends/Family… (Adult Swim), It Happened In L.A., etc. (IMDb).

Nate has voiced a variety of projects, including several episodes of Animation Domination High Definition (Fox), the pilot of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW) and also for Rachel Bloom’s holiday comedy album Suck It, Christmas, as Tate in Somewhere In Palm Springs, and commerical spots for Wendy’s, Land Rover, Louis Vuitton, P.F. Chang’s, Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr., Hewlett Packard, Tiffany & Co., and many more. He narrated 30 episodes of Paranormal TV (SyFy), and he’s been the voice of promos for NPR affiliate 89.9 KCRW for more than a decade.  (Click HERE to listen to voice over reels.) 

Writer & Author

In addition to writing hundreds of original sketches and comedic songs, Nate Clark’s television writing credits include the original pilots Granted (Fox), Miami Knights (Fox), Chiropractor/Poltergeist, and The Oddballs. He wrote the half-hour pilot Sugar High for Tom Broecker (SNL) and JL Pomeroy’s company BehindTheLine, based on a story he co-created with Laura Schooling. He was a member of the Fox Writers Intensive6 and a finalist for the Sundance Episodic Lab with Not So Much, a short-form comedy based on his life with his husband, Allen Loeb. Additionally, Clark and Loeb co-wrote the animated series Somewhere In Palm Springs.

In 2020, Nate published his first book, How I Did It: A Fitness Nerd’s Guide to Losing Fat & Gaining Lean Muscle. The book details the strategies he used to lose more than 30 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of muscle after years of struggling to lose weight. Kirkus Reviews acclaimed the book to be “an accessible approach to weight loss delivered in the voice of a supportive coach” full of “frank and often funny language.”7

Political Science Research

Nate holds a master’s degree (ALM) in Government (political science) from Harvard University. His research interests include political communication, media effects, rhetoric, American Political Development, and housing/homelessness policy. He is an affiliate of the Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) at Harvard.

Nate’s recent research combines studies in political communication, psychology, and media effects. Both theoretical and empirical in design, this research offers a novel theory of subordinate framing (e.g., music, title color) in political communication. His most recent experiment tests the impact of music and color choice in video news coverages of homelessness in California and explores the possibility that creative production techniques in news media ultimately influence issue salience and public opinion. He presented this research at the 2023 American Political Science Association conference.


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