Nate Clark

Sugar High
(Pilot, Single-cam Comedy, 36 pages)

An optimistic but misguided chocolatier partners with a suburban drug dealer
to sell gourmet pot chocolates from a food truck.


Not So Much
(Web series, Comedy, 3 episodes – 23 pages)

A same-sex couple (two guys) in LA tries to start a family.


(Pilot, Single-cam Comedy, 36 pages)

A former corporate executive tries to tame an office of mis-fit employees
at a 2nd tier Make-A-Wish Foundation-esque non-profit.

The Oddballs
(Pilot, Single-cam Comedy, 29 pages)

Faced with obsolesce in an ever-changing entertainment industry,
the hackneyed, delusional members of an iconic sketch comedy troupe
try to become relevant again by making a “viral video.”


Miami Knights
(Pilot, Single-cam Comedy, 36 pages)

An uptight bisexual accountant manages the books
at a Magic Mike-esque male strip club.

(Spec, Single-cam Comedy, 31 pages)

When Jess has an altruistic streak, she and the gang get into trouble
in Downtown LA’s Skid Row. Schmidt and Winston campaign against each other
for control of the air conditioner.

Making It Up
(Feature, Romantic Indie Dramedy, 110 pages)

A philandering stock broker considers giving up partying
when he falls in love for the first time.

Sketch Packet
(Groundlings/ UCB/ SNL sketch packet)

A sample of sketch comedy, written and performed at the Groundlings, UCB, etc.


Last Call
(Treatment/Pitch, 1-hr Drama)

With no prospects post-graduation, an unlikely group of college friends
open a bar in the town where they went to school.