Nate Clark

Lose the Fat First

Nate Clark at the gym

Shedding excess fat before beginning a muscle-building program can have multiple benefits

You wanna know how I lost the fat? This is how.


People keep asking me how I’ve lost all this fat, so I decided to write a few blogs about it. I’ve written a series of posts detailing my process—mental and physical—and I am going to put them here regularly.

Body Fat Wars, Pt 2

Before images of Nate Clark during the Food & Fitness Challenge at Brick Los Angeles

Here’s what happened. My gym was holding a “Food & Fitness” challenge for the month of February and I decided to participate. The challenge was meant to inspire friendly competition between participants to see who could drop the most body fat in February.

Body Fat Wars, Part 1


I gained a little weight last year. Unfortunately, this weight was on top of the weight I’d already gained the previous year. I was carrying about 25 extra pounds of fat, and people were starting to notice. Not a lot of people, but definitely the ones who count.